Allow me to introduce myself.

Singer, songwriter, pianist.  That’s me.  The music I make is influenced by the Top 40 pop, Motown, disco and R&B I grew up listening to as a kid in the suburbs of Detroit.  A wide range of artists including Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel, Donny Hathaway, Marvin Gaye, Coldplay, John Legend and Alicia Keys have influenced my brand of piano pop/soul/R&B.

I used to think I wanted to be those artists when I grew up.  But now I find that I’m much more interested in being myself.  From as early as I can remember, I felt an innate compulsion to express myself through music.  My parents - both proud public school teachers and decidedly non-musicians - bought a used piano for our living room at 4920 Fiddle and by fifth grade I had taught myself to write songs on it.  The piano was always my sanctuary – a place I could go to connect with something bigger than myself, to tap into joy and escape whatever was troubling me. 

At 18 years old I moved to New York City - a place I always knew would be my home -  to study music at NYU.  I thought maybe I’d be a music teacher.  But shortly after graduation, I decided I wanted to make my living writing, recording and performing my original music. 

My first EP "Facts & Figures" caught the attention of some cool industry folks – some nice press and a Yamaha endorsement made me think I might just be onto something.  I started touring colleges and universities up and down the East Coast and getting some spins on college radio as I made my follow up LP "Todd Alsup."  The making of that album was a true labor of love and a .  The end result (featuring the singles “Let’s Have  A Party,” “The Only Thing,” and “How I’m Made”) was a product that I felt truly represented what I was capable of as artist.  Tracks from “Todd Alsup” were featured on media outlets like MTV and PBS.  I won a 2012 OutMusic Award for pop song of the year for my single “The Only Thing” – which also received heavy club rotation thanks to a remix by UK producer Cutmore.  I continued to tour colleges and universities, booking a slew of corporate gigs and performing my tunes with a symphony orchestra to an audience of thousands in L.A. courtesy of Yamaha.  

All of this was quite thrilling.  But it coincided with a period of upheaval in my personal and professional life.  I had some demons to face and some housecleaning to do.  During this period, I wasn't quite sure what I had to say anymore.  I had placed a ton of pressure on myself to be and say something that I thought would make people happy, and for a while that left me creatively stifled.   

Opportunities continued to land in my lap.  One such opportunity – the invitation to perform in Europe – turned into an open invitation to come back year after year.  In Switzerland, I found an enthusiastic new audience, a second family, and some exciting new professional relationships.  A few years into my Swiss adventures, Swiss producer Orlando Ribar suggested that we collaborate on a project together.  This project became my third studio album "Currency." The new album takes a more honest and raw look at love, sex, powerlessness and rebirth.  

In the 4 years since the release of my last album, I have taken time to do some growing up, to live life and to rediscover what inspires me.   At every step along this journey I have been showered with the unconditional support of very loyal fans - many of whom have become lifelong friends.  My team of cheerleaders (“The Todd Squad”) continues to expand.  They have generously funded three substantial Kickstarter campaigns to help me bring my creative visions to life.  The connections I’ve been able to make with them through my music have been some of the greatest gifts of my work.

I’m optimistic about what the next chapter holds.  I’m hopeful that the momentum will continue to mount and the audience will continue to grow.  At the end of the day, I’m grateful that I’ve been given the opportunity to do what I love and share it with all of you.