Excited to have new projects brewing in Provincetown with some pretty amazing people! https://t.co/ojMllpfy0u
Yay!!! Front page news in Denmark!
”There are, according to Mayer, two main reasons we need singer-songwriters again. One seems reasonable enough: Soc… https://t.co/u1aXd3ROC5
There are, according to Mayer, two main reasons we need singer-songwriters again. One seems reasonable enough: Soci… https://t.co/G5ZjFlhHAG
Happy Monday everyone! Here’s a snippet of my original song “It’s Always Monday” to get you through the day. Chec… https://t.co/GDeP6iZgzN
Love this song. Here’s my cover of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together” - what is your all time favorite love song? https://t.co/9LTOGjkG7z
This week’s song dedication goes out to Corrine Wilkinson who requested @aliciakeys “Fallin.” Kids, I’m taking requ… https://t.co/rguwvJA6ey
Guys, I seriously have the coolest job there is. I do what I love, but the added bonus is that my work is somethin… https://t.co/jdOI4Weet9
This is just one of many sweet and magical moments I’ve experienced while sharing my music in PTown this week. A d… https://t.co/VPhU8LyKH0
My interview with David Sigler at PTown’s WOMR begins at 9pm. You can stream live at https://t.co/nZe1h1rhlY - we’… https://t.co/qWgMrbTOzJ
Please enjoy and SHARE! Live performance of "Will Power" from my sold out 2018 show at The Slipper Room NYC. Featur… https://t.co/WVguVqGnPV
“Today I Sing The Blues”. Thank you, Aretha. We’ll miss you terribly. https://t.co/m7MIh6JeO2
This week’s Insta-cover goes out to Rob Copeland who requested Five For Fighting’s “Superman (It’s Not Easy)” - I w… https://t.co/HjgxTOG1Kv
My Insta-cover of Nelly Furtado’s “I’m Like A Bird” - comment with song request for future cover videos! https://t.co/5tR5ayf1CK
Please enjoy and SHARE! Live performance of "Houselights" from my sold out 2018 show at The Slipper Room NYC. Fea… https://t.co/sUEgDG3KHs
Living a new kind of gig life this summer. I’ve held a consistent performing residency gig at my beloved Redeye Gr… https://t.co/BvHxHFnLm2
This album is LIT. https://t.co/4FJHHQYU9t
May 17, 2018 at Redeye Grill...
Please enjoy and SHARE! Proud to present the brand new official music video for "Perfect" - my ode to perfectionis… https://t.co/ZWmGloPcAQ
It’s on TV! My brother called me yesterday to tell me he saw my commercial on the tube in Detroit! Here it is - w… https://t.co/Nm2b6VvsUQ
Guys! My amazing friend Adam Kendall Woods and his band Tenderfoot released their terrific new album “Break... https://t.co/Rbeg2yt4fl
I relate to a lot of this. I’ve taken lately to encouraging friends to schedule time to phone or (better)... https://t.co/td6cQ4Z5tg
RT @burlesquebishop: This fabulous guy and his superb band played at my dear friend’s Celebration of Life - Give him ALL YOUR MONEY! https://t.co/z1UFZRpPUr
Excited to share this sexed up little song from my album "Currency." Please re-post and share! Live performance... https://t.co/1jvaQWzech
Guys! Big show at the legendary Slipper Room coming up on Feb 26th! Get your tickets now! https://t.co/LLUJVdc9RB
New Christmas track and video “My Only Wish” is out now! Check it out here: https://t.co/uIb3mPxOvk. Each day... https://t.co/ugWAkfA8eb
My original Christmas song "My Only Wish" is currently available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and other... https://t.co/ucKNyueYUO
Looking forward to devouring this list. https://t.co/LL9ytaEQWM
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/mUxjpFkMdx
Thanks to Katreese Barnes for making "That's What Your Love Does" the W2MH Song of the Week! The official music... https://t.co/yKrvXGDZU6
This is so cool. https://t.co/1iKY84v0Vv
I'm beyond excited to announce that the official music video for "That's What Your Love Does" will be released on... https://t.co/HlqqNZWlYM
I'm excited to announce that the official music video for "That's What Your Love Does" will be released on... https://t.co/9rtWjhSucr
Yeeesh. It's a tough new world out there for music-makers. Anyone have a bright side scenario to contribute? https://t.co/ShoJfjZQhb
Celebrity deaths don't usually move me to tears. But Whitney's sure did. I sobbed for a several days mourning... https://t.co/4E5crPwU08
This is inspiring and beautiful - and reminds of the power we have as artists. My love for P!nk just expanded... https://t.co/eRwWuxvSbK
Guys! Check out my wild, whacky, wonderful friend Mrs. Smith's awesome new video of her cover of Adele's... https://t.co/HMgQW6q86x
Todd Alsup : LATEST News https://t.co/91zQGdAH57
#MoodMusicMonday. I love this tune and Johnny Nash's smooth, easy vocals. And I'm loving his look in this clip... https://t.co/O7lB9DcS8H
My new album "Currency" is streaming on Spotify and available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon and various other... https://t.co/2p4RwE0bG2
Guys! This is destined to be your summer anthem!My best friend, the insanely talented Shaun Barker, wrote this... https://t.co/NT9XDSSoLI
Bear Week in PTown next week - and I'm playing two shows for all my furry friends. Who's gonna be there? https://t.co/obHNzEhLSI
Working on a new song this week. Feels good to be writing. https://t.co/BY80ERUoBq
No big deal. Just made a music video today. https://t.co/InEBDfgMwP
Was an incredible night at the legendary Bitter End with the NY songwriters circle and the amazing talents of... https://t.co/TuqxStNXXW
Hey everyone! TONIGHT at 8pm, I’m honored to share the stage with the incredible Billy Porter and a handful of... https://t.co/nD2G2Hiu4Q
Playing tonight at Redeye Grill with Kristin Mularz from 6:30-10:30. Come swing by! https://t.co/jD8h5JNnGR
Thanks to the amazingly talented Sarah Vonesch for this beautiful shot for our show at Jazz Club Rorschach in... https://t.co/RNfdfVECLV
If you're not already following me on Instagram, you should be. Get it together, people.... https://t.co/dU3ttuzpCa
Thanks to Rick Henschel for the awesome hat! If you're in town this Memorial Day come catch me at... https://t.co/ZopCOWH3Aa
Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone! If you're in town, I'm playing at the Redeye Grill tonight 6-10pm. Come... https://t.co/Dlc3WwIRd6
Found this in the archives. Sketch for the portrait for the cover of my new album "Currency." Created by the... https://t.co/GCsvXzwPno
One last gig here in Switzerland with these rock stars. Had a blast this week rocking in der Schweiz with these... https://t.co/6rmmQAJsvN
Sehr cool!!! Check this out!!! https://t.co/hR2PrYGLgv
Video of "Silence & Distance" from last night's awesome show at Musig im Pflegidach in Muri. https://t.co/abrMKz8BdA
Sexiest band in the land. My merry Swiss band and I rocked it out tonight for a packed house! https://t.co/MuNW94X3aH
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/L2U3f14zRn
If you want to listen to my show tonight live from Jazzclub Rorschach in Switzerland click below. We'll be... https://t.co/hKRcWKPyer
A nice shot from our Villa salon concert on Tuesday night at Theater Akademie August Everding. https://t.co/whMxnRAbgz
What a fun show at Bühne Marbach tonight! Thanks to my Swiss friends and fans for coming out! #currency... https://t.co/NnwYDXYocd
Sehr viel Spaß! Danke Natasha und 60 Minuten für ein schöne Interview! Proud to have made my new album "Currency" in Switzerland!
No rest for the weary. This morning - Munich. Today - Switzerland 🇨🇭. On my way to a TV interview to promote... https://t.co/lmMctJ3Dbn
RT @DonaldCSjr: I'm like @toddalsup How About We (Stay In Love) cause your voice is heaven! Luv the dancing too! #winning https://t.co/8PDK1VyN0N
Hey everyone! On June 5th, I’m honored to share the stage with the incredible Billy Porter and a handful of... https://t.co/2vLDWOr9TR
Friends! I'm doing a very cool in-store benefit concert at Kiehls Zürich to support the Ruedi Lüthy Foundation... https://t.co/B8Z5fMklvM
RT @NewYorkSWCircle: Thrilled to partner with @LGBTCenterNYC and @TLDEF 4 this exclusive! Tickets - https://t.co/9tleZD1Frb https://t.co/d9pAWNL5v0
A few stills from the music video for "How About We (Stay In Love), " the lead single from my new album... https://t.co/z877AJx1S0
The new music video for my single "How About We (Stay In Love)" is officially out! I'm proud to share it with... https://t.co/DOxF7xH5Go
I am beyond ecstatic to announce that the official music video for my song "How About We (Stay In Love)" will be... https://t.co/38ST8964H2
Y'all ready for this?? Tonight 7pm @ Rockwood Music Hall - me and my band! Grab friends and come on out! https://t.co/XE5KhIdKmr
Tomorrow night at 7pm! Me and my band rocking out with tunes from my new album "Currency" including this jam... https://t.co/WswH67551G
Excited for the big show this Wednesday! I'll be backed up by my killer band and sharing songs from my new album... https://t.co/jXgTm1KzAR
Hey everyone! My new album "Currency" is currently streaming on Spotify and Apple Music and is available for... https://t.co/dWxXsrAA2i
In 2 weeks these sexy gentlemen and I are prepared to rock your world with tunes from new album "Currency." Come... https://t.co/qYrz7hOtot
A pretty kickass list that I just spent the morning devouring. https://t.co/T1bbWcU5Br
Many of you have been asking about my next show! Excited to be playing Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 on Wednesday, ... https://t.co/6NGqMrLvvL
Honored to be named the Singer Universe "Best Vocalist of the Month" for my single "Houselights" from my new... https://t.co/9k9lVTSL7q
RT @MerriamWebster: 📈A fact is a piece of information presented as having objective reality. https://t.co/gCKRZZm23c
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/nBfWDtlYId
We're ready to rock! Rockwood Stage 2 show is Monday night at 7pm. Can't wait to see you there! Haven't... https://t.co/YRrIcLhqBm
Hey friends - have you purchased tickets yet? My band and I are thrilled to be returning to Rockwood Music Hall... https://t.co/XNKR2A7QGb
Excited to share with you all this terrific interview about the new album "Currency." Many thanks to the amazing... https://t.co/toUCIaWPU1
RT @Katbeast: @toddalsup is one of the artist featured on "Welcome 2 My House" this year. Buy his new project "Currency" here:… https://t.co/Yy4aXnlIbl
RT @HenryGoldblatt: My super-talented pal @toddalsup covered @kelly_clarkson for my bday. If you like it chk out his new album Currency… https://t.co/kGn93x50DU
Just a friendly reminder that my new album "Currency" is now available on iTunes and Amazon. You can buy signed... https://t.co/GwOZQiicDd
Love's in need of love. Be kind to each other today. https://t.co/jQ44gtb7XA
A little taste of Wednesday's album release show at Rockwood Music Hall. A smoking hot LIVE recording of... https://t.co/wBBKh5RkJw
I am one lucky man. THANK YOU to everyone who made yesterday one of the best days of my life. My new album... https://t.co/y63Yc7ZnBL
The band and I are ready to party with you tonight! Rockwood Music Hall at 8pm Redeye Grill at 9:30pm The... https://t.co/NdyLF2EEbn
Today's the day! Thrilled to announce to official release of my new studio album "Currency." Hope you'll take a... https://t.co/BQ455jZcXH
Tomorrow is the big day! Thrilled that my third studio album "Currency" will be available on iTunes and Amazon... https://t.co/UQM70VO2MV
The countdown is on until the release of my new album "Currency" on Nov 2! Hope you can join me on Wednesday in... https://t.co/SmeXuMbL2B
From last night's special concert in Rebstein. Such a great audience, giving me such warm energy. So fun to... https://t.co/oBR6MWk2b1
Hey friends! I'm playing an acoustic house concert in Washington DC tonight with Jay Holcomb Frost and Tessa... https://t.co/Adqdtq0lVf
Less than 3 weeks until the release of my new album "Currency." It has been a true labor of love and I can't... https://t.co/5loczSbKrO
Be there or be square... https://t.co/PhPZDeZmuR
Another love note from complete strangers. I have a pretty cool job. https://t.co/BO56vdCvKH
Get ready, Kickstarter backers! Your stuff is on the way. Thank you so much for helping me make the new album... https://t.co/X8IvsQZmpt
RT @BitterEndNYC: TONIGHT AT #THEBITTEREND: @NewYorkSWCircle, @toddalsup, @RobDanielsMusic, & The @RichieCannata Monday Night Jam!
It's tonight, everybody!!!! Full band show @ 9pm at the Bitter End. 18+ with valid ID. $10 cover - or get in... https://t.co/aIFJWTS1gW
A snippet of my song "That's What Your Love Does" from the new album "Currency" - come see me do it live with my... https://t.co/WOis1S1Rdb
The boys in the band. Lucas Shine (guitar) Leo Freire (drums) and Antoine Katz (bass). These guys crushed it... https://t.co/m91ptK41lZ
Super stoked to start band rehearsals today. Come check us out at the Bitter End this coming Monday at 9pm. https://t.co/c04ub1198F
Next Monday @ 9pm I'm playing my first full band show in quite a while! We are ready to rock The Bitter End and... https://t.co/8zxzQhUzPW
RT @sadydoyle: I see Hillary has come dressed in the blood of men who have underestimated her.
I am so anxious about this damn debate. Wake me up when November's over. #debatenight
The real story we'll be talking about after this election is the press and how they've created and perpetuated this circus.
Last night at my Redeye gig a friendly stranger named Robert requested two of my original songs. I was happy to... https://t.co/3FnRL4EpqK
Methinks Man of the Year 2016 will NOT go to the guy who decided chip readers should be a thing. #notprogress #stillwaiting
Hey world - I'm playing @RedeyeGrillNYC tonight from 6:30-10:30 with @kristinmularz. Swing by for a song or two! https://t.co/tXHlRutyAB
Look what arrived today! Been a long time coming and I couldn't have done it without the many loving souls who... https://t.co/R3PHArMBHw
Love this shot taken by my beautiful and multi-talented friend Dana P. Rowe https://t.co/fOoQuXa2f8
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the cover for my 3rd studio album! "Currency" will officially be available for... https://t.co/wHVVldZUIh
Prepping a couple songs by @missjillscott for tonight's gig @RedeyeGrillNYC and reminded how much I love this woman and her music.
You guys. This is legendary gospel singer Kirk Franklin. This amazingly talented man wandered into Redeye Grill... https://t.co/u1ZhIkSg3N
Honored to be a part of this fun show last weekend! Please take a moment to check out my performance of "You Are"... https://t.co/iVZKb8ldW0
Tonight at 7pm! Come on down to Rockwood Music Hall - Stage 3 for a good time. I'll be playing songs from my... https://t.co/Vmbb6bfYS2
This portrait will be the cover of my new album "Currency." It was created by this incredibly talented, kind and... https://t.co/XgxQquynNb
This Thursday, come spend an evening downtown with me at NYC's best listening room. I'll be sharing song from my... https://t.co/BsdT6VdpiE
Guys!! Tune in 2nite @7pm for an awesome performance of 2 of my songs w/ full band and strings live from NYC!!!... https://t.co/UxOZTNvdrr
Guys!! Tune in 2nite @7pm for an awesome live performance of 2 of my songs w/ full band and strings!!! https://t.co/ROU2oN16X6
Check out this new cover I recorded this week. https://t.co/pKjS55CVJb
@Rperkov good to meet you today, Ron!
NYC! I'm playing tonight @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30 with @nafsicasinger! Come swing by! https://t.co/HBO5fmvwWC
I got this at work the other night https://t.co/lGHXpD0Jhk
Yes, @JohnCena, that was really friggin cool. #LoveHasNoLabels
Greeting from LGA, where I just filled up my canteen with water from a dispenser covered in mysterious brown gunk https://t.co/rbn45FGRoP
Greeting from LGA, airport that devotes entire showcases to lottery tickets https://t.co/4qqFgZZHcQ
Greetings from LGA, airport with a food court that makes no sense that's currently blasting heavy metal music at the crack of dawn
NYC! I'm playing tonight @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30 with Kristin Mularz! Come swing by! https://t.co/RaujK4wrwL
We did it!!!! A heartfelt THANK YOU to the 62 kind souls who gave so generously. We far exceeded the initial... https://t.co/j1qPCW1Du7
Final hours! Fundraising will close at 5pm EST today! Visit... https://t.co/2XF4LdCrg7
Only 24 hours left to make your pledge! Visit... https://t.co/iQ7wr2SJyK
2 Days left to make your pledge! Visit... https://t.co/48WnAV5kZy
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @KristinMularz @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/PGNDGW6Idp
Mmmmmm. Vegan cheeseburger courtesy of my friend @MadVeganChef #nailedit https://t.co/TjLKE7xH4N
6 days left in the KICKSTARTER campaign and we are ALMOST there! CHECK THIS OUT!!!!! Today I have added an... https://t.co/TclLWliJhm
OK everyone! 8 days left and we are just $950 short of our goal on Kickstarter. We can do this! I need your... https://t.co/71EqmqfIDo
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @KristinMularz @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/qyanEIYhqi
Greetings friends! Who's ready to hear the new Todd Alsup album?! I know I'm ready to share it with you.... https://t.co/eR07TLwWUf
@Mwuerth89 is one dope-ass mixer. This album sounds HOT. #newmusic #newalbum #singerlife #songwriter
Gotta love the colors of summer. #UnionSquare #farmersmarket https://t.co/rAs4LS5FF4
RT @Mwuerth89: @toddalsup got me chair dancing again. #mixing #music
@KellieWelch8 - you are a star! How did it go this weekend?
Hey everyone! Here's my cover of Prince's "Little Red Corvette" live at the Redeye Grill in NYC. Please feel... https://t.co/0Zanaqo0E9
Living for the @SenWarren V @realDonaldTrump smackdown. This woman is a total badass
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @KristinMularz @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/xBHTKAwdL3
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @KristinMularz @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests!
RT @Mwuerth89: belting along with my favorite @toddalsup song off of his new record that I have the pleasure of mixing. #closer #music #audio #mixing
My cover of Al Green's "Let's Stay Together." Today's video post is a dedication to Alli Glorioso and Vince... https://t.co/845uWHOOtb
How to Fricassee in Business Without Really Frying #MakeBroadwayEdible
Disappointing Prince Vaults Found To Contain 37, 000 Hours Of Billy Joel Covers https://t.co/FyD8anKl9L via @theonion
Lucky to have seen much of the world. Bucket list: Peru, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, India, Morocco, Memphis, New Orleans #TravelTuesday
Grateful for the many amazing teachers I've had in my life and that I myself get to share my passion w/ students. #TeacherAppreciationDay
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite solo @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests!
Thrilling news, @TedCruz. #eyeroll
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @KristinMularz @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/SjjAueLLXQ
My cover of George Ezra's "Budapest" - please feel free to share this video on your wall! If you're in NYC, be... https://t.co/XzJmB22TeL
Maybe we'll be a little closer to this thing being settled by tonight? #PrimaryDay
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite solo @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/X5qbafmx2o
Doppio and Pocket Coffee at @Zibettoespresso #PerfectDay https://t.co/3fskwiq52I
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite solo @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/oQIy4YCdZg
Trump: "I think I have a presidential look." Of course this douchebag thinks it's all about appearances. #makeitgoaway
Yes, MSNBC, Clay Aiken is the perfect person to have speak about #Prince's legacy. Solid choice.
RIP #Prince - the world is a funkier sexier place because of you https://t.co/nT0PYtMLov
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @Nafsicasinger @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/gdo1Ts2Ihd
My cover of Elton John's "Rocket Man" - please feel free to share. https://t.co/QRq4dlrjNx
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite solo @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/3OnBT1zlQJ
Voted!!! #PrimaryDay #NYPrimary https://t.co/jQbhb4SJB7
I'm voting today! Are you, fellow NYers? #PrimaryDay
The having is rarely as fun as the wanting.
RT @CharlotteAlter: "Farewell, sweet carbs. We shall not meet again in this life" - me, after every single meal
Ok everyone - what are some of your favorite iconic and brilliant album titles? @KellieWelch8 @NicSchickling @shaunbarker @JayJslot
Russian Food adventures w @JayJslot in Brighton Beach #SundayFunday https://t.co/MmsvO52J3R
This looks awesome! #Valravn @ Cedar Point https://t.co/gaG36MOpgx https://t.co/dPxluWbfY7
Weekend tradition with Mr @JayJslot: Polish food https://t.co/eGTwUyDL4j
Things I take for granted up north... #NorthCarolina #bathroomwars #ignorance https://t.co/bbf3kklDyQ
Spring has sprung in NYC! #tulips https://t.co/INjnL5n23u
Freedom to truly express yourself #5WordNewYorkValues
Play me "Piano Man" #IrritateMeIn4Words
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @KristinMularz @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/aUG162qkZv
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @KristinMularz @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/KuU6pogVKR
#NowPlaying Back "Pocket" by @Vulfpeck ♫ https://t.co/O3SZOWwbZE
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @Nafsicasinger @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/wCp5gAVH91
Just seeing #Hamilton on Broadway. Again. No big deal. #DontHate #notthrowingawaymyshot https://t.co/SwYZW9lw6H
Excited to be plotting a trip to the Netherlands with @JayJslot #TravelTuesday https://t.co/ecrcVvcay6
From last night's Rockwood show. "That's What Your Love Does" - a tune on my soon-to-be-released new album. I'm... https://t.co/7Fs1KK6Uzp
Forgetting lyrics #My2WordNightmare
Happy #NationalPetDay to my by default dog child Miss Buddha. https://t.co/OyUtfHbW2t
Tonight. 7pm. @RockwoodNYC. Me. Onstage. You should be there! https://t.co/G9pnGXvfR3
Contemplating album titles while wandering this wondrous city with @JayJslot - #SundayFunday
Big love my little bro Ryan Alsup #NationalSiblingsDay https://t.co/LdTUuKFRgi
RT @BadJordon: #SinceIWokeUp I've been wondering if you could ever wake down...
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite @RedeyeGrillNYC w/ @KristinMularz 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/sxgzFpGscf
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @NaomiGillies @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/cGVu23bknn
"You're so talented. I don't understand why you're not famous." #ConfusingCompliments
Only a couple days until the big Rockwood Music Hall show! This Monday, April 11 I'll be rocking it out and you... https://t.co/DJlvGZByVU
Grateful today for getting to make my living doing what I love. #ThankfulThursday
Study: Alligators Dangerous No Matter How Drunk You Are https://t.co/c6tELhlCl5 via @theonion
"Squatting on the Dock of the Bay" #MakeASongTougher
Recording yesterday https://t.co/OUUqjTtobv
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite @RedeyeGrillNYC w/ @KristinMularz 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/KCjLdYa8uK
Bridge Clubs of Madison County #ElderlyMovies
How Long Should a Man Go Between Haircuts? https://t.co/ARRu2p7SQP
This whole damn series was excruciating and unmissable. #ThePeopleVsOJSimpson https://t.co/ZRLTXPnVzk
Homophobia is so 2004. #Mississippi
Another great day at @ThresholdNYC with @Mwuerth89. New album sounds hot! https://t.co/0LdhNx8YhT
RT @KellieWelch8: Hey @toddalsup thx for letting me in on your creativity and recording and life etc. #Newmusictuesday https://t.co/Qdh277fSrD
My favorite destination. No question, Switzerland. Can't wait to go back. #TravelTuesday https://t.co/2R3nmm6ITz
I really love Starbucks. Am I allowed to say this? @Starbucks https://t.co/D8wDiy2in0
RT @Mwuerth89: Studio studio #studio. #Vocal #production with the talented @toddalsup at @ThresholdNYC https://t.co/GYca1vT5RE
Super excited to be headed to @ThresholdNYC to record the last vocals for my album w/ @Mwuerth89
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/HUdrsbpL2w
Stray geeky thought for the day: what is the distinction between a lunch and a luncheon?
RT @SirAriGold: @toddalsup me too! You are one of my favorite male singers out there and happy to know you!
Saturday Night Hay Fever #DullDownAMovie
Very Little About Eve #DullDownAMovie
9 to 5 MPH #DullDownAMovie
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @NaomiGillies @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/u11xyiU4a3
@SirAriGold - loved talking music and life with you tonight
Damn you #PillowTalk. Damn you
#NowPlaying "The Joker" by Steve Miller Band @SMBofficial ♫ https://t.co/rWn4GRuzOO
#NowPlaying "April Fools" by @RufusWainwright ♫ https://t.co/GDJiTOnPup
"I hope life isn't a big joke, because I don't get it." - Jack Handey #AprilFools #aprilfoolsday2016
WHOA. Meet the Guy Paying $400 to Live in a Literal Wooden Box Inside Someone Else's Apartment via @vice
Fun Bday related pop songs so I don't have to sing oldy moldy "Happy Bday".... ? Go!
Thank u @J_CameronLive for sharing the truth and reminding artists like me to enjoy the ride. https://t.co/pu3BQ7WpUb
#IfIHadAnExtraFiveMinutes I'd take a deep breath and dispel the narrative in my head that I'm not doing enough.
@TinaShaferMusic The feeling is thoroughly mutual!
#NowPlaying "Keep It Loose, Keep It Tight - Live" by Amos Lee ♫ https://t.co/lIzuelrVbb
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @nafsicasinger @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/30kysbbKr0
"People who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do" - Isaac Asimov #WednesdayWisdom
The older I get the more plates there are to spin. #adulting
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite w/ @nafsicasinger @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by/hit me up w/ FaceTime requests! https://t.co/v6BfVOSSyM
Lol - Barber Streisand and Hairosmith. 27 Stores w/ Pun Names So Dumb They're Brilliant: https://t.co/TS8HE09RR3
The @kroger unisex bathroom sign thing. #dignified #watchandlearnNC https://t.co/jE1Q2oqaKs
#ThePeoplevOJSimpson. Hard, hard, hard to watch. Impossible not to.
@MsSarahPaulson You are incredible as always on People v OJ! Come back to @RedeyeGrillNYC when in NYC and I'll happily serenade you.
RT @katiiia: Are you a grammar pedant? This might be why https://t.co/LUkQAP0w4W
Grateful today for: my wonderful collaborator and partner in musical crime Orlando Ribar. He is a true gift. #LoveWhatYouHave
Gratitude is key to happiness. When I practice it I'm content & serene. When I lose sight of it, life is FOMO & FUBAR. #LoveWhatYouHave
One of my favorite trips: Istanbul 2014 #TravelTuesday https://t.co/gyT0EWy42p
I think this one's different. #My5WordRomanceNovel
Things changed after I moved in. #My5WordRomanceNovel
I love a piano @librarycongress #PianoDay https://t.co/aIdhlzKVLc
30 days of clean eating starts now. #mondaymotivation https://t.co/B0RXpsVkMI
2 weeks until the big @RockwoodNYC show on April 11. Got tix? Get them now at https://t.co/PNHzWhgwPC. It's gonna be a party!
Stocking up on exotic and healthy goods at Patel Brothers @PBrosfan #foodie #jacksonheights #urbanexplorer https://t.co/ed2qn9OIQW
Further food adventures - Momos at Amdo Kitchen food truck #jacksonheights #foodie #urbanexploring https://t.co/42TkZDasbQ
The good good ish @Arepalady in Jackson Hts. #foodie #urbanexploring #Arepas https://t.co/esYibniMq8
Afternoon adventures in Jackson Heights. #urbanexploring #queens #jacksonheights #culture https://t.co/vITrOPlXQc
"What's another word for Thesaurus?" - Steven Wright
#EasterRising #HappyEaster https://t.co/nOTtb3eq8M
Another great gig with the work wife at @RedeyeGrillNYC https://t.co/k84SrvcyNi
Construction on the Great Pyramid of NYC is near completion. #architecture #NYC https://t.co/ERL6NPg6gm
@MadVeganChef Thx for bringing me your creations at @RedeyeGrillNYC - that pasta w/ faux sausage rocked my socks 2day!
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite with Kristin @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by or hit me up with FaceTime requests! https://t.co/1Ma6xPgzQG
#DemocracyIn5Words Far too often a circus.
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite with Kristin @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by or hit me up with FaceTime requests! https://t.co/9tFPwFM6e5
Freitags studiere ich mit Herr Kenneth deutsch #learningGerman
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite with Kristin @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by or hit me up with FaceTime requests! https://t.co/MoQUe6MERQ
#musicianproblems https://t.co/Pk6i2VFyFC
#NowPlaying Today's jam is "Green & Gold" by the incredible @LianneLaHavas ♫ https://t.co/plRVlKRSuN
#MarchMood Spring has sprung and everyone I've encountered this week has that husky-voiced sinus infection thing going on. #pleasegodnotme
RT @Ksiringas: I bet window washers would be really excellent rock climbers cause they wouldn't be afraid you know
Damn you, @DNCE - I can't stop humming "#CakeByTheOcean" #earworm #grrrr
Tix for the big @RockwoodNYC show on April 11 now on sale at https://t.co/PNHzWhgwPC. It's gonna be a party! https://t.co/XdyFTFi2Of
"A day without sunshine is like, you know, night" - @SteveMartinToGo #WednesdayWisdom
@lindsaykatt Truth. I just saw mine and she called me out on my "I'll start a clean diet on Monday" mentality. #busted
@JamesWalsh Did you know it's #NationalPuppyDay ?
@lindsaykatt haha - My trainer wishes I didn't
Off to @ThresholdNYC to discuss the mixes for the new album with @JamesWalsh and @Mwuerth89
Love's in need of love today. Prayers for peace. #BrusselsAttacks
@NathalieSuzM loved bumping into you and getting to soak up your effervescence
Music nerd musing: Kim Carnes' "Bette Davis Eyes" has some seriously surprising harmonic twists and turns. #bettermakeachart
#NowPlaying Loving that acid-trip baby making music Part One - Hey, No Pressure by @RayLaMontagne ♫ https://t.co/mVTFfbmcoj
Tap. Tap. This thing on? #TwitterIn5Words
"We are all here on earth to help others; what on earth the others are here for I don't know" - W.H. Auden
Listening to new jams by my bestie @shaunbarker and @Kyle_Kelso makes my heart very happy. Look out, world!
Good morning Twitterverse! Kick off your week with my original tune "It's Always Monday" - https://t.co/S9SmfPyAZF
"White Foxes" by the incredible @susannesundfor haunted my head all day. This live version is pretty impressive: https://t.co/oHDegr9y6p
Deliciousness in Flushing #foodporn https://t.co/Oz0sHmYrFm
Off to have a food adventure in Flushing, Queens with @JayJslot
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr #firstdayofspring
My cover of "Make You Feel My Love" from last night's gig at The Redeye Grill. Stop by and catch my show if... https://t.co/cE9bGrPEEH
"To finish a picture? What nonsense! To finish it means to be through with it, to kill it, to rid it of its soul" - Picasso #MetBreuer
A conversation for my creative friends: how and when do you know a work of art is complete/finished? #MetBreuer #UnfinishedBusiness
Weekend NYC adventures with @JayJslot https://t.co/oLvHYPj4Ec
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite with Kristin @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by or hit me up with FaceTime requests! https://t.co/h31IzdjRXY
RT @jimborden: Spotify and musicians are playing a new tune https://t.co/Rq5AZGdrjJ via @WSJ @Spotify @HannahJKarp
RT @SPIBaseball: #GetMillennialsToVoteIn5Words New system: vote by emoji.
Ich lerne deutsch seit ein Jahr und es ist noch sehr schwer! #somanycasessolittletime
Got Todd Squad pride like @KellieWelch8? Wear ur TShirt to @RockwoodNYC show 4/11 or buy @ the door = get in FREE! https://t.co/Z8up70ZiKk
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite with Kristin @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by or hit me up with FaceTime requests! https://t.co/HD06hozZJm
https://t.co/tMxGJUGOwg Tix now on sale for my Apr 11 show at @RockwoodNYC - Stage 3. Let's pack this room and have a party!
Is the CD dead? Musician friends: is it still worth it to press CDs? Music loving friends: do you still buy CDs from artists you love?
#NowPlaying This song is so f#%@ing sexy - "Infatuation" by @Lipstick_Gypsy ♫ https://t.co/1ko5ZlCaRZ
This is truly brilliant. Angela Merkel Rap! (HAMILTON Parody) https://t.co/45KwAFEzon via @CollegeHumor
"If a man who cannot count finds a four leaf clover, is he lucky?" — Stanislaw J. Lec #StPatricksDay
RT @daniel_kraft: Make America Grate Again.... via @WallingfordSign https://t.co/ZcQPFWamuz
Excited to see @nick_deutsch do his thing at @RockwoodNYC tonight!
#NowPlaying "Skipping Stones" definitely feeling this sexed up slow jam by @SoGallant and @JheneAiko ♫ https://t.co/lGxQ5WPFsH
"Trump: a toxic blend of Barnum and bully…" https://t.co/ORaZg1urhJ via @usnews
Deep thought of the day: When you clean out a vacuum cleaner, you become a vacuum cleaner.
"Freud: if it's not one thing, it's your mother" - @RobinWilliamsTw #offtoseemyshrink #mymomisactuallyawesome
@ippudony - solid work on that whole deliciousness thing https://t.co/Q5BRms2xAk
NYC! I'm playing a LIVE solo set 2nite @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm. Stop by or hit me up if you have special FaceTime song requests!
Quite the primary season - exposing a very icky dark side of America I (naively) wanted to believe had died out or at least been suppressed.
Is there any better antidote to a rainy Monday than a haircut and beard trim? #freshandclean
Check out this performance of "Silence & Distance" from my forthcoming new album! https://t.co/jgmUkrABgD
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm w/ Nafsica. Stop by or hit me up if you have special FaceTime song requests
Kudos to @TinaShaferMusic and @nick_deutsch on another excellent @NewYorkSWCircle. Always such an inspiring night! https://t.co/bHtCO5SUho
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm w/ Naomi. Stop by or hit me up if you have special FaceTime song requests
When I grow up I want to be able to sing like this. Day-um. And hallelujah. https://t.co/gBduBjlW8I
@jasonkingsays - Great to see you in @SpikeLee's excellent Michael Jackson doc
Super Tuesday deep thoughts: why don't we pronounce Arkansas "are Kansaw" and not "are Kansas"?
RT @amandapalmer: good things happen constantly. good things are under reported. https://t.co/fsfS1BLABG
Communing with the late, great Johnny Mercer at Bonaventure Cemetery. https://t.co/ssP2J3j29g
Greeting from Savannah, where the serve a dish called crab stew with grits. Which I just destroyed. Yummmmm. https://t.co/2GMEkUmh7S
Savannah, here I come! Via @JetBlue
Nice to know I already have friends in Savannah waiting to cheer my on! Can't wait to meet you, Perez family! https://t.co/OYp0fyA6ag
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm w/ Kristin. Stop by or hit me up if you have special FaceTime song requests
Loving the book Presence by @amyjccuddy - giving me lots of confidence for an upcoming big week of singing.
@BonnieMcKee I love your music and think you are a total badass!
Reading @fodorstravel guide to Savannah and getting super excited for my trip next week!
This presidential primary season is giving me some serious agita
Many thanks to my friends who came out for support and encouragement last night. It really really gave me confidence and clarity. Love you
6pm 2nite @RedeyeGrillNYC I'll be giving a free preview of my American Traditions Competition program! Followed by regular set until 10:30!
Homemade Valentine's Day dinner - Filet and lobster with white asparagus and arugula salad with pear, pecans, ... https://t.co/lwEe6duAKN
Nafsica on Instagram: “The moment when Todd and I decided to take a video and at that exact moment an opening of... https://t.co/mR3Aqe7m1n
The voice slowdown effect on @broadcity is never not funny. Lmfao.
Feeling super lucky this V Day. I love you @JayJslot https://t.co/WgouSGJYxd
@MSchickling @NicSchickling - need to take you to Little Poland when you're here in Apr. Nic - will that appeal to your pregnant cravings?
VDay Polish food at Little Poland and @JayJslot and I are plotting a future trip to Poland.
A pianist who cuts his fingernails too short is an unhappy man indeed - #ouchy #openfifthchords
RT @amandapalmer: it's so much easier to write a long song than a short one.
@rddrndll Thanks for helping me learn how to sing these songs on my feet. Getting excited for Savannah and American Traditions Competition!
NYC! I'm playing LIVE 2nite @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm w/ Kristin. Stop by or hit me up if you have special FaceTime song requests
My music theory student @Travis__Kent made his Bway debut last night and I couldn't be more proud! Congrats, my friend! #DisasterMusical
You guys - I have the coolest job ever. I'm so grateful I get to make music for a living and that I get to do it w/ such amazing people.
@marissacorvo yasssssssss gurllllllll - get it on down - it's yo birthday! https://t.co/XKwKala7Mh
@LarryFlick - just read about the @OutQ shakeups. Happy to know you'll continue to share your magic on-air. Sending you love & support!
@KellieWelch8 - this week's @NYMag cover makes me think of you https://t.co/GVqjHzxDWF
@KellieWelch8 - happy birthday, beautiful lady! I absolutely love you, my dear.
Joey Ramone mural - Bleecker & Bowery https://t.co/FWcGy7WjSi
Sundays @JayJslot and I have a tradition of enjoying Polish goodness at NYC's Little Poland. Mmmmmmmm. https://t.co/ilvti9XjKg
RT @nytimesarts: "Listen to the bass line": @NateChinen on six songs that showcase Maurice White's genius https://t.co/EwLG3peppt https://t.co/ljGWmsHzVz
Today's gratitude list: moments to take a deep breath, turkey meatballs, Wings' "Silly Love Songs" - and all of you lovely Twitterers
Last night this cute little nugget brought her Todd Squad pride to @RedeyeGrillNYC. Thank you, Paloma and Veronne! https://t.co/FTURxtllN8
LIVE 2nite @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm w/ Miss Kristin. Stop by if in NYC. Or hit me up here if you have special FaceTime song request.
Reminded "Want One" by @rufuswainwright is one of my favorite albums of all time.
Overheard in NYC rehearsal studio - a glorious vocal arrangement of "Vicious World" by @rufuswainwright
RIP R&B superstar Maurice White. A finer falsetto never was heard. Your legendary souls lives on. #EarthWindAndFire
LIVE 2nite @RedeyeGrillNYC 6:30-10:30pm w/ Miss Kristin. Stop by if in NYC. Or hit me up here if you have special FaceTime song request.
Rainy, slippery day in NYC and I totally just wiped out and landed on my ass running towards the closing A Train doors. #humbled
Weigh-in later today with trainer Bev after 9 days of no refined sugar, dairy or complex carbs. I'm. Starving.
My boyfriend brings me coffee in bed. I hit the jackpot. https://t.co/uXxgxUKU1v
@252s_Organist Game on!!!!!!
RT @JetBlue: @toddalsup You got this, Todd! You're the MAN!
Shared new album roughs with Mama Linda and stepdad Mo this weekend - really sounding like something exciting! Can't wait for you to hear!
OMG OMG OMFG! Congrats to @NicSchickling and @MSchickling on the news that they are expecting a baby girl in August. My heart is so full!
Just finished "The Art of Asking" by the awe-inspiring Rock goddess @amandapalmer. It has thoroughly rocked my world. Thank you, AP!
Nothing like Florida sunshine to give you a spiritual reset. Now back to NYC via @JetBlue with a renewed will to conquer the world.
These guys are the dream. Orlando and Mike, you are my brothers for life! https://t.co/BO0cOVz8ib
Tonight in NYC I got to share my new tracks with some of my very favorite people. Thanks for the love and... https://t.co/aG3Epbtp4S
Tracking strings with this mind-blowing talent known as Dave Eggar https://t.co/vepMirWRVS
Comp'ing vocals for "Silence & Distance" - I think you guys are gonna love this track. https://t.co/xlnzVivJ4Z
Big thanks to Alli Glorioso for sharing her Todd Squad pride! Do you have your Todd Squad T-shirt yet? Check... https://t.co/fgiT7OJjOG
Tracking piano for "Silence & Distance" https://t.co/dZ2hyRj1xz
I got in a zone yesterday and laid down final vocals for 3 tracks yesterday!! Including this one for "Will Power" https://t.co/0ESsbTwPt5
Miss Natalie Cole, you inspired me so very much. This is one of my favorite slow jams of all time. Rest in peace. https://t.co/bJhcg7HtEH
Happy Holidays, everyone! Hope you'll check out and enjoy my original holiday tune "Christmastime Can Give You... https://t.co/NW3Xr0J4Yn
Tonight at work I got to meet the incredible Neil Sedaka after singing "Calendar Girl" for him! Pretty awesome. https://t.co/gZjxRA1MvI
Yes, Miss Macy!!!!! Love this fun, politically charged Christmas anthem. https://t.co/f1xrE6K7Xh
A little holiday cheer for you and yours! My cover of The Weepies' "All That I Want" with my best friend and... https://t.co/GRSZmePwA8
Living for and loving Andra Day - this girl is fiercely talented. https://t.co/ZxIOmVNKNy
The lovely Kristin Mularz bought me this dope hat for my bday. https://t.co/KpWu5dt8UQ
Very excited to announce that I am a finalist in the 2016 American Traditions Competition! Looking forward to... https://t.co/4CZpqnJgkP
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/6kvya5AHPR
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/85lLIY2hNZ
Off to work we go... https://t.co/LjHOMP54Hn
Early birthday presents! Gonna look slick onstage! https://t.co/tCnPFO3QGc
Beyond excited to announce the launch of the new https://t.co/XyW8F2kamU! Please take a moment to check out the new... https://t.co/KsMWnszwej
And big hugs to Diane Pape for sharing this Todd Squad selfie! https://t.co/6ler8xOL5H
Many thanks to Miss Lynn Miotto for sharing her Todd Squad pride! https://t.co/QcCo4dm2No
October 02, 2015 at Morton's Grille... https://t.co/z3e78LO2LY
Oct 31, 2015 at Morton's Grille... https://t.co/tXE3eviASk
Oct 29, 2015 at Morton's Grille... https://t.co/UBpnnD2Kl2
Oct 28, 2015 at Morton's Grille... https://t.co/zsf3YPItoc
Oct 24, 2015 at Morton's Grille... https://t.co/759ADGThSt
Oct 20, 2015 at Morton's Grille... https://t.co/c3UO44G8pN
Oct 17, 2015 at Morton's Grille... https://t.co/MKlVs8H6Y3
Oct 16, 2015 at Morton's Grille... https://t.co/yCdASf1poi
Oct 14, 2015 at Morton's Grille... https://t.co/ZDUahaOqdi
Oct 07, 2015 at Morton's Grille... https://t.co/e4TgvuvrKz
Oct 06, 2015 at Morton's Grille... https://t.co/rwAbzlGB7A
Oct 02, 2015 at Morton's Grille Park Avenue... https://t.co/z3e78LO2LY
Oct 25, 2015 at Redeye Grill... https://t.co/gvXHyFvpBK
Oct 13, 2015 at Redeye Grill... https://t.co/ztfbV8b37q
Oct 11, 2015 at Redeye Grill... https://t.co/0rNJdOPJAd
Oct 10, 2015 at Redeye Grill... https://t.co/axpeaK6AIO
Oct 09, 2015 at Redeye Grill... https://t.co/lgX6v4rqqQ
Oct 03, 2015 at Redeye Grill... https://t.co/Z1jq5lBcEV
Oct 01, 2015 at Redeye Grill... https://t.co/9teDbRBVhg
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/RzyHJ0eQLR
I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/7zX8Wj0Mlj
Huge thanks to my Swiss beauties - Fabienne Schawalder and Luzia Buchli - for sharing their Todd Squad pride!
Big thanks to Philip Miner and Rodney Capunitan for showing their Todd Squad pride! https://t.co/EsFG3QDmLs
My little brother Ryan Alsup has Todd Squad pride. Do you? https://t.co/dFj594UD6D
One year ago today I had the great pleasure of providing music for my friends Jeremy & Dara as they tied the... https://t.co/PvqzCOR00c
A little taste of my Drake cover https://t.co/JdwtHAhxQz
Thank you Linda Alsup Mosier for sharing this Todd Squad pic! https://t.co/qUMDV1zMps
This dude and I had a pretty kickass week making tracks together. Danke vielmal, Orlando, mein freund. Can't... https://t.co/CcWky4d1px
Thanks Danny for sharing this Todd Squad shot! https://t.co/LCf4OTeRj6
Thanks to Sara Hazen for supporting the new album and sharing this pic of her rocking her "Todd Squad" Tshirt!... https://t.co/024PB75Ol2
Tonight after a delicious dinner in the Swiss mountains, the proprietor of the restaurant caught wind of the fact... https://t.co/oo3fiKWLMv
New track "Will Power" (with producer Orlando Ribar) is coming together nicely! https://t.co/iSQZnhqhpm
Another great day in the studio with Orlando, laying down piano tracks for 3 new songs. We made excellent progress today!
A quick snippet of piano recording for new track "Perfect" https://t.co/iUnEGzPgrv
Today was an epic day of album making with this fine Swiss gentleman. https://t.co/3JjSKj0O4U
Let's go make some music! https://t.co/VsjkG5DRF7
A few more shots from last night! Thank you Robert Barker-Oswald for the beautiful photos!
I nominate this gentleman for president of the Todd Squad https://t.co/bEpr6Ri9F1
Premiering 2 brand new songs tonight at 8:30 @RockwoodNYC. Gonna be a fun night!
My arrangement of Sam Cooke's "Bring It On Home To Me" https://t.co/XcLWm9LErl
A snippet of Ray LaMontagne's "You Are The Best Thing" from tonight's gig https://t.co/6m1WERpSCD
Living for the new @liannelahavas album. Delicious.
Working fast and furious to finish some new ditties to share with you all on Thursday night at Rockwood! Hope... https://t.co/TZStBImxoS
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/hpqFU0lZou
I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/PK5wgDFwky
Started work on this little ditty on Sunday in DC. Today, it's revealing itself lyrically. Can't wait to... https://t.co/6dTYxlT6li
Hey all! Fun show at Rockwood Stage 3 coming up next week! Order tix now at: https://t.co/cbMTt3LaBJ https://t.co/diKMsTEo5A
George Gershwin's Steinway! https://t.co/Ud5Glg4KqR
RT @NewYorkSWCircle: Check out our Spotify playlist featuring artists from last night! https://t.co/hrTxtuVpVC https://t.co/au7IRFPA6f
RT @hairofmydog: @toddalsup @NewYorkSWCircle sounding stellar as always twin bro!
RT @NewYorkSWCircle: @toddalsup you were incredible! Good luck in Switzerland and we hope to have you again soon 😍
https://t.co/oDItBaVkyu Video of me singing new song "Silence and Distance" from the other night. Thank you @NewYorkSWCircle!
Video from the other night at NY Songwriters Circle. "Silence and Distance" is a song I co-wrote with Shaun... https://t.co/CACxpwYWn1
A super fun night tonight with NY Songwriters Circle at The Bitter End. What a spectacular group of... https://t.co/HvTx9WCbF0
Playing the NY Songwriters Circle tonight @ the Bitter End! Should be a great night of original music. Come on down! https://t.co/v1EoWyjuQ0
"Manhattan" Single and Music Video Out Now!
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New Livestream Concerts with Live from Provincetown and Virtual Piano Bar!
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"Could It Be I'm Falling in Love" Featured by Lakeside Entertainment
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"Could It Be I'm Falling in Love": Out Now on Spotify!
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"Could It Be I'm Falling in Love" Video Premiere on Vents!
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