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Posted on 6/16/19

It's time for me to record new music and I'm inviting you along for the adventure! I've assembled a world class of team of producers, musicians, and video artists to help bring my new songs to life. Your pledge to this project will help me pay these people to work their magic. In exchange for your pledge, you can choose from any number of super unique and exclusive goodies we have on offer. Take a look and consider getting involved!

Posted on 4/17/19

Over the last year, I've had the pleasure of being the voice for several major nationwide ad campaigns!  Honored to be featured on the Lantus "Let's Stay Together" campaign and the currently running "Trelegy" spot (with rewritten lyric for the Jackson 5's "ABC").  

Posted on 4/16/19

I'm pleased to announce that I'm back in the studio working on new music.  Currently collaborating with some of the most talented people I know and impatient to share with you what we're creating.  Stay tuned!

Video for "Love Does"
Posted on 9/23/17

This September, director Paul Lewis Anderson and I had numerous adventures all over Manhattan, shooting the video for "That's What Your Love Does" - the second single from "Currency."  The video follows me from the streets of NYC to the subway gathering a tribe and positive energy.  It culminates with a joyous house party in Harlem, populated by a crowd of some of my very favorite people.  Look for the video to drop in October!

Christmas Song Coming Soon
Posted on 9/23/17

Producer Orlando Ribar and I are working tirelessly to put the finishing touches on an original holiday song that I wrote with my collaborator Shaun Barker.  The tune is titled "My Only Wish" and we think it's gonna make all your Christmas pop wishes come true.  Look for it to drop this November!

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